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Songs on this CD are Under the influence of...

1. ...classics Za mnou pojď J. Downland 1:51
2. Kyrie Zdeněk Tošnar 2:55
3. Shalom aleichem Israeli, arr. G. Aldema 1:22
4. ...folk songs Což se mně má milá hezká zdášCzech, arr. J. Krček1:50
5. Bude večer Czech, arr. Z. Mrkos 4:15
6. Keť som išol z vojnySlovakian 1:06
7. Prelecel sokolSlovakian2:01
8. Pa se sliš' Slovenian, arr. K. Pahor 2:24
9. Estrella Kapverdian, arr. Villa-Lobos 1:32
10. ...spirituals Ain' A-that Good News W. L. Dawson 1:38
11. Plenty Good Room Kirby Shaw 2:50
12. I Open My Mouth A. Thomas 1:57
13. Walking Down That Glory RoadM. Hayes2:39
14. ...jazz Blue MoonR. Rogers, L. Har2:31
15. Nebe na ZemiJežek+V+W1:59
16. SvítáJežek+V+W2:25
17. Brazil Ary Barroso 2:42
18. Embraceable You George Gershwin 1:56
19. ...The Real GroupChilli con carne Anders Edenroth 3:51
20. Words Anders Edenroth 3:12
21. ...jungle The Lion Sleeps Tonight G. Weiss, H. Peretti, I. Creabre 3:29

This CD was born in spring of 2006 under the influence of...
Vladimír Kovář and his company UNICORN. Thanks for unprecedent and generous sponsorship.
Vláďa Papež. Thanks for outstanding and inspiring sound mastering.
Petr Dolejš. Thanks for diligent designer's work.
St. John's College. Thanks for all the weekends and the recording made avaiable.
ČSCH and Pavel Kolář. Thanks for perpetual support and a place to rehearse.
My members of 2006. Thanks for enthuiasm, singing, feelings... my life.
My former members (those who had been my members). Thanks for helping me grow up.
My boss. Thanks for the arm-waving.
My supporters and regular concert goers. Thanks for your loyalty.
Andrej Perdih. Thanks for Slovenian inspiration.
My friends in Cornwall and Lombardy. Thanks for ecouragement and hospitality.
Thank you all once again. Yours KAKOFON.